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A Hostmonster Web Hosting Review – An Honest Look at This Alternative to the Big Boys

HostMonster is a web host that I used since I began my adventure to the Internet over a year ago. They were the best reviews, and they were cheap. I opted for the sites on a package that allowed me to host more than 20 sites, with no downtime. This is a balanced review! I just renewed my annual subscription (it’s cheaper to pay annually), and assuming that I could be as many sites as I want them on the server. Customer service is a good chat and telephone. Cpanel (internal HostMonster menu) is very easy to navigate and you can easily retrieve the wordpress, shopping carts and tons of other stuff in one click. For a beginner it is very easy to use, and documents up to Google AdWords for free access to the top pay per click advertising. In fact, I used XSitePro, Blogger, Joomla and WordPress on my websites and various scripts. All of them were very easy to use.
For those sites that promote pornography or adult content so I’m afraid I can not do that with Hostmonster. I learned the hard way buy buy a domain that is quickly extinguished when I put a porn affiliate link in it. Just try that if it was just a loss of $ 10 for the domain, I quickly realized that the market is saturated with adults anyway, so it does not bother me. The only little problem was one that I sent a support ticket via email once it has been ignored, but live instant messaging, it’s much better to use and someone was always available when needed (2-3 times) . They have 24 hour telephone support is also useful if you work late or abroad. I just renewed annual subscription with them and I do not think I need to improve or find another host. Apparently, the unlimited data plan is unlimited until a alue s wide.

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